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Stroke Care

After a stroke or other neurology issue, your loved one deserves our 24/7 personal care.        

From hospitalization to home recovery, Our Caregivers make life easier for people who have suffered from a stroke or neurological disorder. Providing continuous, one-on-one attention, our Caregivers offer companionship and help with daily activities, mobility and much more. We have a wide range of skilled Caregivers-including those with specialized backgrounds-available immediately.

Continuous Monitoring

Whether in the home, hospital or assisted living, Our Caregivers provide individualized, round-the-clock, observation. Our Caregivers can even recognize symptoms that may be signaling a secondary stroke (or any problem) and call 911. Our Caregivers can also work with your loved one's speech therapist or physical therapist to help practice clear speech or regain mobility. Plus, some Caregivers can reduce boredom, help sharpen cognitive function and mitigate depression.

Peace of mind for your family

Having a Caregiver also enables you to rest, free time and peace of mind for family members, knowing your loved one will never be alone. We can also help with transportation to doctor and physical therapy appointments and more.

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