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Care Management

Care Management is a collaborative approach to providing and coordinating you or your loved one's health care services. Our Care Manager will work with you, your family, physicians and other health care providers to ensure you or your loved one receives all the necessary services to promote your health and oversees any illness or health conditions while you or your loved one continue to live at home.

Our Care Manager serves as your advocate and liaison between yourself and all providers of your health care services. In today's health care environment, it can be overwhelming to navigate the system. You may not know all the questions to ask the physician or you may not be familiar with the vast array of services available to meet your needs. Medical language is often unfamiliar and physicians cannot spend enough time with you to help you understand all the complexities of your illness. Our Care Manager bridges that gap to assure that you have all the information you need to make well-informed health care decisions. Additionally, our Care Manager provides linkages to other resources and services to assure you or your family member has all their needs cared for.

Our Care Manager helps you understand and cope with the medical, insurance, and emotional issues confronting you. A comprehensive assessment is performed and recommendations to enhance your health care and living situation are provided. A clear plan for coordinating your health care and maintaining or improving your health is provided.

Our Care Manager's Functions:

  • Prevents unnecessary services or treatment.
  • Evaluates an individual's safety and ability to live independently at home.
  • Obtains appropriate medical care.
  • Secures necessary medical supplies and equipment.
  • Obtains home care nursing services.
  • Obtains assistance with homemaking and personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  • Obtains assistance with running of errands.
  • Coordinates health care service delivery and necessary medical follow-up.
  • Arranges for transportation to and from doctor appointments.


THE CONTINUUM OF CARE in Conjunction with our Care Management

To meet our client's constantly changing needs, we strive to make our care services as flexible and as versatile as possible.  Through our Care Management process, our Caregivers are fully trained and dutifully required to observe, monitor, and document all aspects regarding their client's health condition.

Our Caregiver will report any concerns to the client's family members, our Care Manager, Primary Care Physicians, and/or guardians.  Daily documentation is always available for review in the Care Plan, and can also be transmitted electronically as needed.

If our Care Manager determines that the client's care needs have surpassed our service capabilities, we will immediately notify the family of the need for a change in coverage.  Through this proactive approach, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will receive the appropriate, qualified level of care.

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