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Alzheimers/Dementia Care

We recognize the special needs of our elderly afflicted with alzheimer's and dementia. We strive to promote their independence and preserve their dignity in the safety and comfort of their home. In this regard, our Caregivers are required to observe and provide the following:

  • Stimulating Companionship as this combats depression
  • Meal preparation with proper diet advances nutrition
  • Interactive Communication and Active Participation slows mental decline
  • Exercises like ambulation and range of motion aids strengthen blood flow
  • Continuous observation ensures their safety

Alzheimer's disease and dementia keep going 24/7. That's why we do too. People suffering from dementia risk losing their independence. By providing the most knowledgeable and compassionate care professionals, MetroCare Hawaii allows these people to live safely and comfortably where they most want to be: at home.

With round-the-clock monitoring and care for even the most advanced cases, our Caregivers maximize the mental, emotional and physical health of dementia clients-while offering support and respite for their loved ones.

More than just prolonging life, we prolong the quality of life. The more than 70 forms of dementia have their own symptoms and protocols. Our specially-trained caregivers understand these differences-and tailor their care  and devote their undivided attention to the client.

Providing support on multiple levels: physical, nutritional, mental and emotional MetroCare Hawaii caregivers help Alzheimer's disease and dementia sufferers who have lost the procedural memory or physical abilities to perform activities of daily living. Even simple tasks, such as brushing teeth-which would otherwise be impossible-reduce the risk of inflammation and plagues that accelerate cerebral decline.

Help with dressing and going to the bathroom allows sufferers to survive with dignity. Our caregivers help to exercise the client, through walking, playing games or assisting with physical therapy, thus reducing obesity and increasing muscular strength and oxygen to the brain. Meal preparation by our caregiver plays a vital role in maintaining good nutrition. The proper consumption of fruits and vegetables, omega-3s and folates can sometimes slow the progression of the disease.

Our caregivers help to stimulate clients' minds and keep them mentally and socially active. They also reduce depression and can even help manage some emotional/behavioral issues such as sundown syndrome. Meanwhile, our caregivers provide peace of mind and much needed respite for the entire family, too.

Live-in care that goes where it's needed-for as long as it's needed Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, MetroCare Hawaii - PLUS offers a wide range of skilled caregivers on call. A caregiver serves wherever needed-in the home, in the hospital or rehab center, in an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility and even throughout hospice. We require no long-term service commitment. Our caregivers serve only as long as the client remains completely satisfied.

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